Do you have a special picture - one that captures just the right expression, but it has a problem? 
Maybe a background you don't like, and you'd love to substitute a photographer's background?
Or where your child has a dirty face or outfit, and you'd love to see it cleaned up?
Or maybe a picture of a loved one, that you'd love to see made into a special portrait or glamorized a bit?

Make the pictures you have look the best they can!  Depending on amount of work to be done, and condition of original image, price would run from $75 to $100.  This would include a CD of the finished image, as well as an 8x10 print on your choice of matte or glossy photo paper. 

Click on an image to see a larger version.

Replace background, show what she is interested in.
Get rid of red-eye, food on face, and food on outfit.
Photographer's background, smooth out unevenness in skin, enrich colors.
Photographer's background, enhance colors and shading, add a touch of a smile.
Photographer's background, substitute puppy for sippy cup.
Photographer's background, smooth skin, enhance colors and eyes.
Replace background, soften features, lessen harsh shadows, increase twinkle in eyes.
Replace background, general clean up work.