Restored Photographs.

These are photographs that have been repaired and restored..  Some were discolored, dirty or torn.  In each case I've put the original on the left, so you can see what was changed. Click on image to see larger picture.

The cost for this kind of work varies with the damage that needs repair.  Please contact me for more information.


The person who took this picture liked the shot, but wondered if there was any way of removing the strings in front of the girl's face.  It took a bit of doing, and I wish I had been more able to make it look like a true photograph, but I think it turned out ok.
  In  this photograph, the original eyes on the baby were so destroyed that I couldn't repair them.  I did some searching, and found some eyes that matched size and shape, and put them in instead, and finished repairing the rest of the picture.
A basic colorization. 
This repair took 2 weeks to do.  Even though it doesn't look that bad overall, it was completely filled with tiny blue cracks, and had to virtually be repainted.
This repair was fairly simple to do, as the damage was not on the faces, or any crucial part of the image.
Old color photographs often shift color dramatically.  They can be brought back to their original color if enough remains.
Again, and older photograph shifted colors.  This time, as well as fixing the colors, I also replaced the background.
  Here you see it with the original background,
cleaned and simplified.
The images don't even need to be old to need some help.  These were taken at a recent event, and the photographer wasn't close enough for the flash to be effective.
Or how about a photo that was taken part in sun, and part in shade, where people's faces aren't easy to see.

Both these fixes don't take that long, and can be done easily and inexpensively.